Event Entry Procedure

All team members must be identified below with their correct email and must have already purchased an ARA license valid for the event selected.

You can get an ARA License at www.rallylicense.com.

This form must be submitted by the Entry deadline date in the Supplemental Regulations for the event.

The co-driver name will be pulled from the Race Entry form.  If you need to make a change to your entry please use the Entry Update/Withdrawal from on Sporitiy in the Registrar folder.  

This form is used to generate the at event check in list given to event registrar.  The more accurate information we have - the faster you will get through registration.

For further information, please contact ARA Series Registrar, Marni Nagy [email protected]



If your team will have more than six crew members working the selected event, click yes. We will reach out to you to get them on your crew list and verify their ARA license..

RedPodium Sports Event Management System